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Diplomatic car on board «

Diplomatic car on board «

An image published by Sky News shows a diplomat’s car flying along a British evacuation flight.

10:33 PM, August 26, 2021


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The car on the British evacuation flight © Twitter

About a week ago we received photos of a US Air Force plane, About 640 people are taking part in the 134 places already available. It seems to be quite different from evacuation flights for the British Army, Where you can even find space for a car. At least, this suggests a video from the “Sky News” channel, in which the car can be seen in the middle of the board next to the people fleeing. Critics say the military is wasting space on the plane to buy a car. According to the British newspaper, The Sun, If it is a diplomatic car.

Since the fall of Kabul it has been complete 12,279 people Reuters quoted British Defense Secretary James Hebe as saying on Thursday that the British Royal Air Force had postponed him. According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, there are still, on Wednesday, 10,291 people – including 6,380 Afghans, 2,570 Britons and their relatives, 341 embassy employees and citizens of 38 other countries. So far there is no information on when Great Britain will finish the evacuation mission. After the attacks on Thursday night in Kabul, Boris Johnson insisted he wanted to continue with evacuation flights.

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Defense One posted a photo of the crowded interior of the US C-17 transport plane last week. Photo © (c) AFP (CAPT. CHRIS HERBERT)

But military rescue flights in Kabul are heading to an early end. Thus, the rush at the airport of the Afghan capital is increasing. People are standing at the gate “Close to each other like bricks in a wall”, An eyewitness reported that he was not a meter ahead.

The US Armed Forces also want to complete the evacuation mission by August 31. By Monday they brought according to the White House About 42,000 people Over the air bridge from Kabul. As of Wednesday, about 4,500 of them were US citizens.