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Diplomatic crisis between Spain and Argentina

Diplomatic crisis between Spain and Argentina

Spain recalls its ambassador from Argentina. Javier Miley recently refused to meet King Felipe of Spain and Prime Minister Sanchez.

Spain summoned its ambassador to Argentina to Madrid in protest against the statements made by President Javier Miley. Miley, the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Begona Gomez, called her corrupt on Sunday during a rally for the far-right Vox party in Madrid.

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez on Monday told state television channel RTVE that he had personally summoned the Argentine ambassador in Madrid. They demand a “public apology” from Miley, otherwise necessary measures will be taken.

Miley as a rude visitor

Meles violated diplomatic norms during his visit to Spain by refusing to meet with King Felipe and Sánchez of Spain. Instead, he promoted his book at a rally with Vox party leader Santiago Abascal. In his speech, he described socialism as “cursed and cancerous.” Sanchez is the leader of the Spanish Socialist Party.

Spain's largest opposition party, the conservative People's Party, did not join Miley's criticism. Party sources said that Sanchez should have responded to the corruption allegations against his wife weeks ago. It is the PP's responsibility to oppose the Spanish government, not Milley. (Abba)

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