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Disability and Opportunity Representative Benefits Office: Strong team

Disability and Opportunity Representative Benefits Office: Strong team

A little success story: Peter (name changed) is disabled due to cognitive impairment. He worked as a cleaner in a company for many years. His duties also included cleaning the stairs. As a result of regularly climbing stairs, he suffered from severe pain in his knee joints for a long period of time. In order to begin treatment, a kinder workplace was first required. So he asked his superiors for a transfer. But since there was no vacancy, it was postponed indefinitely.

Imminent dismissal

The department where Peter was working was renovated and closed for six months for this purpose. Since then, he no longer had regular working hours and was only used when necessary. Unfortunately it was rarely needed. Because of Peter's knee problems, they saw that he would no longer be able to do his job reliably and on time – and they wanted to fire him.

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Peter approached his company's disability representative. He described his condition and said that he had already requested a transfer. He explained that he always finishes his work on time, even if it is painful, and stated that finishing the work was possible.

Quick action is required

The Disability Representative requested support from experts at the ÖGB Opportunity Benefits Office. Together, a solution to Peter's problem was found. A conversation with management ensued. During negotiations, a layoff with full pay and reduced vacation days were agreed upon. Additionally, instead of giving notice, we should look more internally to see if a vacancy can still be found for him.

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all's well That ends well

After weeks of intense cooperation, a suitable job was found for Peter in another department. He is now an enthusiastic employee again and enjoys his work. He is also very popular among his new teammates. In addition, Peter began treatment. The company is happy to give Peter a second chance.