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Discover your future |  Austria Energy

Discover your future | Austria Energy

On March 7, 2024, the Best Western Plaza Hotel in Wales will be transformed into a hot event titled “Your Future – Your Partner!” by Apprenticeship. information. And imagine what? You can be there!

Meet the best companies waiting to get to know you. Your chance to immerse yourself in the professional world is just a few clicks away. Register quickly using this link, share your dream apprenticeship, your dream companies and upload your CV. Apprenticeship. information Then plan your personal conversations – easy, right? But hey, it won't just be about work!

Get ready for a style boost! You can get a fresh look from Klipp's on-site stylists – whether it's gorgeous curls, trendy braided hairstyles or quick styling. You will definitely shine! Claudia Aldžić from Apprenticeship. information He'll also be there to offer exclusive tips. With her you will enter every conversation with confidence and strength!

✨But if you want to have life hacks in advance for your app, then Register for the free webinar here!✨ And with the cake decorated, there's a wonderful collection of gifts waiting for you! Are you ready to shake up your future? Secure your place now and take the first step towards an exciting career training!

Take the first step towards your future – with energy and… Apprenticeship. information. Be there and enjoy your career opportunities!

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