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Discovery of a star with a giant magnetic field

Discovery of a star with a giant magnetic field

Astronomers have one neutron star Found, whose magnetic field breaks all records. with a giant 1.6 billion Tesla (T) the star Swift J0243.6 + 6124 Huge magnetic field strength.

For comparison: the earth has 50 degrees of latitude magnetic field strength 0.000048at the equator hmm 0.000031 T. It is on the surface of the sun 0.0001Tcan appear around sunspots 0.4 a plus.

A pulsar in the binary system

The neutron star is pulsar, so it rotates very fast. Pulsars receive signals from Earth Frequent radio signalsfrom the lighthouse.

Swift J0243.6 + 6124 IS A binary star system. The pulsar disintegrates the other star, so it absorbs material. This ensures that the neutron star shines very brightly. 2017 Become such a powerful X-ray burst with the telescope HXMT Insight measured.

For this, a spectrum is formed from the radiation emitted by the pulsar. in 146 kiloelectronvolts He found one of the references to the so-called cyclotron resonance scattering. The star’s magnetic field contains highly accelerated and scattered electrons, which then swallow certain X-rays.

The spectrum showed a clear decrease at 146 keV

New record

The Missing radiation zones It appears in the spectrum as a dark line. From this, astronomers can read how strong the magnetic field of the pulsar is. And the answer in this case is 1.6 billion Tesla. with it becomes previous record It was replaced by 1 billion Tesla, which was measured in 2020.

This information helps researchers learn more about the neutron star. About how to make a file very dense crust Behaves. The results were published in the specialized journal Astrophysical Journal Letters chest.

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