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Disney is looking for dictators for theme parks in the United States

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Disney is looking for dictators for theme parks in the United States

Need a new job? How to polish the Dictoc channel from Disney World and Disneyland? Disney Group is currently looking for employees in Anaheim and Orlando. Germans can also apply.

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By mobile phone through Disneyland in Anaheim or Disney World in Orlando United States You can shoot people on the strip, Disney characters and roller coasters and make money with them – it’s possible! Disney Group is currently looking for a social media content coordinator for two theme parks.

Task: Create content for DickTalk and other social media channels. So it is not surprising that this ad first appeared on the TicTac channel. Prerequisite: You should use Tiktok seriously – preferably, innovative, original, creative and awesome videos, good food and a little fun.

Disneyland needs a dictator: this is how you get a job

Disney is looking for someone who is passionate about the Disney brand and uses their own content to identify trends in social media at an early stage and to come up with ideas on how to offer these options or serve them. Besides Tiktok, other channels to use include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat.

For this, the applicant must have experience in dealing with social media, be proficient in visual storytelling, edit videos, be very creative – and ready to work flexibly. That is: Tasks are possible at night or on weekends.

This position is advertised for twelve months, with an average weekly working time of 29 hours. Germans can also apply. For example, in the online application process, you may indicate that you do not yet have a valid work visa for the United States and that you need assistance with the application.