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Disney+ passwords are no longer allowed to be shared in the US

Disney+ passwords are no longer allowed to be shared in the US

In the United States, Disney+ has begun to reduce account sharing. This is intended to prevent Americans from sharing their passwords with people outside of their own family who do not pay for the streaming service. Extended Terms of Use initially apply to new subscribers; From mid-March, old contracts will also be subject to the new restrictions.


In August 2023, Disney announced that it intended to ban visually impaired passengers from its streaming service for an extended period of time. Disney CEO Bob Iger said preventing password sharing is a “real priority” for the company. But unlike its rival Netflix, which is already cracking down on account sharing, Disney will have to modify its terms of use.

Netflix specifically only allows sharing within the family. But it only says that sharing the streaming service with Disney+ is not allowed with “third parties.” The entertainment company created this concrete for the first time in 2023 in America's northern neighbor. Since November, Canadians are only allowed to share their Disney+ password within their own home, with Disney defining a household like Netflix: “a collection of devices that are part of your personal primary residence and are used by the people who live there.”

In the US, Disney+ emailed subscribers yesterday about changes to its terms of use there, which are intended to make it more difficult for strangers to access the streaming service. The new rules came into effect from January 25, 2024 and are already valid for new customers. According to Disney's announcement, the new restrictions for existing customers will take effect on March 14, 2024. The Verge reports.

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Hulu, the streaming service that Disney bought last November, informed its subscribers a few days ago about new terms of service that will prevent password sharing in the coming weeks. Like Hulu, Disney did not explain how streaming services will identify people who circumvent the new guidelines. For more information, Disney refers to its help website in the email, but there's only a brief explanation of how the company defines “family.”

The terms of use mentioned don't mean Disney is already taking serious action against sharing accounts. Disney may need a longer production time for this. However, the new rules lay the groundwork for future actions against stowaways. It's not yet clear when Disney will change its terms of use in Europe.


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