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"Do not be surprised"

“Do not be surprised”

SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz – SK Rapid Wien, 4: 1 (0: 1)
Referee: Walter Altmann

Dietmar Kohbauer (coach SK Rapid Vienna)
… About the game: “With a draw and 2: 1 we couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t know why. If you play against Sturm, you have to go into duels. We missed that day. Then you get such a defeat and needlessly To astonishment. “

… about the weak second half: “It was in our hands. If you don’t get into a duel but if you don’t have a duel, you can’t win against any team in the world – at least against Sturm Graz. They show us that you have to do it. This is not a secret. “

“Second place is always great. We will do everything we can to win.”
– Didi Kohbauer

About LASK’s defeat to Salzburg: “It’s definitely not the worst. It was good for us. Salzburg, which also does, shows sporting integrity. But we still want to play a good game on Saturday.”

About the match against LASK: “We are still in second. Get a home match. I don’t think we can slide to fourth. Two and three are the places we’re looking for. The second place is always nice. We’ll do everything we can to win.” .

Manuel Ortlichner (Sky expert)
About Rapid: “I am curious to see how they will withstand the pressure. The teams behind everything are up. The match against LASK will be about a lot again.”

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