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Do you seem arrogant to others?  Here’s what you can do to look more likable!

Do you seem arrogant to others? Here’s what you can do to look more likable!

The basics in brief

  • Arrogance is often associated with complacency, vanity, and the desire to show off.

  • People seem arrogant when they are overconfident or very insecure.

  • Arrogant behavior results from various idiosyncrasies.

  • Appearing arrogant to others does not mean being truly arrogant.

Do you seem arrogant to others? This can have various reasons! What’s behind it actually and what you can do to appear more relaxed and likable.

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What is arrogance?

“Titans come before the event.” Have you heard this phrase before? Or have others told you that you are arrogant towards them? This can shake your self-image, especially if you don’t know why other people look at you that way. It often happens that our self-perception is very different from what other people think of us. We may have a lot of self-doubt with us, but others see us in a more positive light. Feedback like this is good and can help you accept yourself more for who you are. However, if the opposite is true, then it’s time to think about it.

Self-reflection is key here. We shouldn’t always believe what other people say or take it too seriously. However, if I’m hearing more and more that you sound arrogant, it’s time to think concretely. Is it because you live life with complete confidence? Is that why you might be so focused on yourself? Or are you particularly insecure and this is the only reason you seem distant and arrogant to others?

Whatever the case, it is good and advisable to consider it. This is good for you and helps to understand how you relate to others. Who likes to be called arrogant? These traits also associate people with arrogance:

  • need to be admired
  • Complacency
  • ego
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What is behind the arrogance?

Why do we seem arrogant to some people? By that we don’t mean what we do, we mean why we do it. There are three main reasons behind this:

  1. You’re cocky: This is as simple as it is incisive. It can happen that people tend to act arrogantly – consciously or unconsciously, which plays a lesser role, because the result remains the same.
  2. You are confident: Arrogance should never be confused with self-confidence. It’s great to be aware of your strengths, even though they may seem arrogant to others who seem less confident.
  3. You are insecure: Insecure behavior contributes to others perceiving you as arrogant. For example, this may be because you seem particularly distant and intimidating. Maybe because you are standing silently in the corner and crossing your arms? Or overlooking a group because you don’t dare look someone in the eye?

7 things arrogant people do

Do you wonder if you seem arrogant to others? It can help, for example, to simply ask good friends for their honest opinion. Otherwise, there are certain behaviors you can avoid so you don’t come off as arrogant to other people. Most of the time, it has to do with several factors coming together.

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Not caring about others

You don’t proactively ask others questions or counter questions, you’re not interested in the lives of your caregivers or other people in your environment – and everything always revolves around you? Not a good sign! Sooner or later he will notice it. Of course your focus is on your own life, but there needs to be a good balance in family, friendships, and even with colleagues. Show interest and don’t take care of yourself every once in a while, it will benefit you and others!

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Constant self-praise

Many of us from childhood were taught to be modest and, most importantly, not to praise ourselves too much. It’s a shame, because being proud of yourself and acknowledging it openly can give you so much energy and strength. Unfortunately, it can often take a lifetime before we overcome the negative beliefs of our childhood and learn to be proud of ourselves. But: if you praise yourself too much, that’s not good either. It’s important to remember your accomplishments (both big and small), but it’s also important to remember that they don’t make you a perfect person.

Be condescending

Do you constantly correct others or let them know that you think you are better? Oh oh! No one likes to be condescending to people. Eye level and mutual respect are best and last when it comes to personal relationships. Being permissive makes others uncomfortable around you, and they may avoid spending time with you.

Be the center of attention

Do you like being in the spotlight and do you like others to give you their undivided attention? It’s all well and good, but only up to a point. Give others space and air to breathe, because it can’t always be about you.

arrogant behaviour

You know everything better, you look better than everyone else and you don’t hide it? No wonder other people think you are arrogant. You must stop this behavior.

consideration and position

As a general rule, we can do little with our outlook and attitude, as these are controlled completely subconsciously. However, they make up the first impression we make on others. According to experts, a high chin, for example, creates an arrogant impression. It is not without reason that some people are called “arrogant”. Watch yourself in the mirror and check your posture. If your chin and nose are too high, you can try lowering them a little.

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It also changes your outlook completely charismatically. A very stern and serious look is often associated with arrogance and distance. If you want to sound more positive, try smiling more and not looking serious. But please: don’t get mad about it. Just because others complain about your charisma doesn’t mean you have to change something. Other people either want to get to know you or they don’t. Your friends and family will surely know how to handle your charisma!

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Constant chatter

Are you bad family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, as well as everyone else who gets in your way? Not only does this add to the arrogant impression, but it’s also a general trait that doesn’t speak for you! Focus more on yourself and your life rather than berating others. We all chat sometimes, and there’s not much to say against a little harmless gossip, but it should definitely stay that way.