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Does it rain more when there are fewer planes in the air?

Does it rain more when there are fewer planes in the air?

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Meteorologist Nicholas Zimmermann from OPIMET He has a clear answer to this: “No, one thing has nothing to do with the other.” It is hardly surprising, however, that some farmers who are constantly in the open air and can observe the sky come to such conclusions: practice is often that people make their own rules, which apply now and then, but have no exact scientific basis ”

One reason for the rumors arising about the impact of aircraft on the weather may be reports last spring. The quality of forecasts for weather models was said to have declined because the plane was not providing any data: “But it soon became apparent that the satellites were now able to provide enough data,” Zimmerman explains.

Spring 2020

“When there were almost no planes in the air during the harshest lockdowns in March and April,” he recalls, “the weather was always good.”

By the way: “Even the jets from airplanes do not affect the daily weather, if you ignore the fact that some days the wind blows and can obscure the sky with thin clouds,” says the weather expert.

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