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Domestic Apple: This year's Nicholas comes green with a reminder

Domestic Apple: This year’s Nicholas comes green with a reminder

An Austrian-wide campaign refocuses on local apples as a regional vitamin resource. Also present: the green Santa Claus, who is reminiscent of eating apples.

Styria. There’s a very special Santa Claus on the way this year: He’s dressed in green and has two sons Fresh regional apples There is also a message in the baggage related to one’s eating habits:Don’t forget to eat an apple!“is the reminder that aims to refocus on local apples as a healthy, regional and year-round source of vitamins and nutrients. This slogan will be communicated by the Marketing Associations, which have joined forces for this purpose, from January 2023.

Apple has to remain my favourite

In this way, apples must be on the minds of consumers Undisputed number one He remains who he is now. Because other types of fruit, such as various berries or bananas, certainly compete with apples, but often they cannot score in the same area.

Met at the start of the Austrian-wide campaign County Councilor Hans Sittinger And the Manfred ColvorstNiccolo Green, President of the Austrian and Styrian Fruit Growers Association, who travels as an ambassador for local apples according to the occasion. In Styria alone this year 148 thousand tons of apples harvested, with Gala and Golden Delicious topping the list of cultivars.

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