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Domi Aegerter: Auch mit dem Elektro-Motorrad schaffte er prächtige Wheelies

Domi Eggerter (5th): “My strength is racing” / Moto

Swiss Dominic Eggerter battled for fifth on the grid for Team Dynavolt Intact MotoE at Jerez.

Dominique Aegerter, who finished third in 2020 and second in 2021 in the MotoE World Cup, will start from fifth on the grid in the first encounter in this year’s electric racing series. At least the Dynavolt Intact MotoE’s Swiss were able to put arch-rival Jordi Torres in his place. Because the Spaniard only managed to take seventh place on the standard Energica Ego Corsa motorcycle for the Pons Racing 40 team.

“We have finally started the MotoE racing season,” declared the 2021 Supersport World Champion and current captain of the SSP World Championship (with 3 wins in four races). “We completed good tests here in March and April, and I have a new technical crew with Patrick Melloner and Giro Betz. Little has changed on the motorcycle.”

“During the first training session in the morning it was half wet and half dry. We just checked a motorbike there. In the noon it was very hot, and the asphalt was over 40 degrees. It was never hot during testing, so we had to reset The bike for those temperatures. In the afternoon we had the new formula for qualifying for the first time. I entered Q2 and had ten minutes to do four or five laps. I ended up in fifth with a difference of 0.3 seconds. I think it’s not that bad, I’ll start from The second row of the network.”

Aegerter continues: “My main competitors are on the left and the right. My goal is to get on the podium. The fact that we have a total of 14 races in all seven events this year is definitely fantastic as well. Because racing is my strength.”

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Then he added, “It’s also good that after two years a few people can be back in the ring again.”

The first race will take place on Saturday at 4:25 p.m. Swiss TV broadcasts live on SRF2.

MotoE Q2 Top 5:

1. Michael Pons (LCR Electronic Team) – 1: 48,372 min
2. Hector Garzo (Tech 3 E-Racing) + 0.063sec
3. Mattia Casadei (Pons Racing 40) +0.237?
4. Eric Granado (LCR E-Team) +0.321?
5. Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE) +0.391.40