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Dominic Heinrich's future has been clarified!

Dominic Heinrich’s future has been clarified!

EC Red Bull Salzburg and Dominique Heinrich expand their collaboration and continue to strive for the title together. The 30-year-old defender has been in Salzburg since the 2007/08 season and is currently the tallest player to serve the Red Bulls.

At the age of seventeen, Dominic Heinrich came to Salzburg from the EHC Team in Vienna in the winter of 2007 and finished the season with the Red Bulls Farm team in the Austrian National League, the second-highest league at the time. But in the following season, 2008/09, the Vienna-born played most of the season for the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga and has since become an integral part of Salzburg’s professional squad. In the 2016-2017 season, Heinrich tried his luck at SHL at Orebro Hong Kong, but he returned to the Red Bulls during the season.

Initially still on the road as a striker, Heinrich later became a defender and worked in the position. His successes with the Red Bulls include four Championship titles (Erste Bank Eishockey Liga) and the semi-finals of the Hockey League Champions League (2018/19). Heinrich has already played a total of 700 league matches, in addition to his appearances in the Champions Hockey League, SHL and with the Austrian national team.

The veteran is far from tired: “I’m happy that I can continue my career with the Red Bulls. I would like to celebrate successes again with the Salzburg team and I am very excited to do my part. I feel in good shape and want to play for a few more years and I hope I can win another title with the Red Bulls.” soon “.

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The defender, who has also served as assistant captain in the past two seasons, is currently the longest serving professional Red Bulls, having completed 13 seasons. Only one player has accumulated more professional years in Salzburg: Matthias Tratnig, who ended his career two years ago, wore the Red Bulls shirt for 14 years., Photo: GEPA Images / Jasmine Walter