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Donald Trump wins air guitar competition in Bangkok -

Donald Trump wins air guitar competition in Bangkok –

Against stiff competition, “Donald Trump” triumphed in the Thai air guitar competition, and thus will represent the country at the World Championships in Finland. Rob “Donald Trump” Palmer pulled Trump’s mantle on stage at a Bangkok bar at a Saturday night contest and “played” the air guitar for Green Day’s song “American Idiot.”
Choosing his costume, including a blonde wig and red “Make America Great Again” hat, the 61-year-old said anyone competing in an air guitar competition had to “do something crazy, so I played the craziest guy in the world.” Trump.” In addition to the prize money of around 140 euros, Palmer, who has lived in Bangkok for eight years, is honored to travel to Finland in August as the Thailand Air Guitar Champion.
β€œFor most of us, this is probably the only chance ever to become a National Champion in any discipline or even to compete in the World Championships,” Palmer smiled. “He made Thailand great again,” said jury member Charles French, referring to Trump’s slogan.
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