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Doomsday and Happy End in Klangwolke 2023

Doomsday and Happy End in Klangwolke 2023

On September 9, the Klangwolke match will take place again at Donaupark Linz. Planned as a one-off event in 1979, it has since become a symbol of Linz, confirm Mayor Klaus Luger and Dietmar Kirschbaum, Technical Director of LIVA and Director of the Brucknerhaus.

This year’s motto is “Odyssey – A Journey Through the Worlds”. Francesca Zampello, director of the Washington National Opera, was appointed, among others, as director. In Austria, she directed the musical “West Side Story” at the Bregenz Festival, and the musical “Rebecca”, which can currently be seen at the Raimund Theater in Vienna.

“I’m incredibly excited about the idea of ​​Linz Cloud of Sound. I love the idea of ​​artists from different disciplines coming together to create something collective that builds on tradition but is completely new,” says Zampelo.

Inspired by the famous epics, it developed a story about a little girl – the only survivor of the apocalypse. The girl sets out on a journey to the banks of great rivers in hopes that the sources of life will bring healing and answers on how to revitalize her homeland…with a happy ending, of course, as Zampelo points out. About 120 participants will perform tap dancing, acrobatics, opera, ballet, and gospel, among others. Laura Karpman composed the appropriate music.

Charles Quiggin was hired to design the theatre. The heart of the nave will be a large ‘tree of life’, which will be organized by lighting fixtures and LED panels. Acrobatics will be performed on a “sailing ship”. Ales Valasek presents colorful costumes, “which is a particular challenge because of the great distance between the actors and the audience,” he emphasizes, which is why the colors and luminous bands are particularly important. Marisa Manderloh will conjure amazing light effects on the Danube.

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We aim to present culture at the highest level with free admission. Everyone should be able to take on this cultural experience without having to do without anything else, ”explains Kirschbaum. A partner for this was found in Sparkasse Oberösterreich, among others. Stefanie Christina Huber, Chair of the Board of Directors stresses: “We are looking forward to Cultural enjoyment in a classroom for all.