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double digitization |

double digitization |

The distance to Europe’s innovation leaders remains.

In the past year, the pandemic has made many people realize the importance of research, technology and development, says Sabine Herlichka, vice president of the Research and Technology Development Board (RFTE) — and above all points to vaccine development. However, at the same time, the importance of digitization in all areas of life is also becoming clear. Here, however, the RFTE identifies clear weaknesses in its current report on Austria’s scientific and technological performance. Above all, infrastructure expansion – keyword broadband – must be urgently promoted, but access to search data must also be ensured. It is also important to address the shortage of skilled workers.

As other areas where there is an urgent need to catch up with European innovation leaders such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, as well as Switzerland, the RFTE sees education, innovative startups, and the topic of climate and environment in its report, which has been submitted annually since 2012. Initiatives here are needed quickly. Because: “There is no vaccine against climate change,” Herlichka says.

Publicly customized implementation

Austria is in the lead especially when it comes to spending money. Efficiency and efficiency a bit poor fare in comparison. There is also a need to work on the framework conditions for universities. On the other hand, the international network and the attractiveness of the job site were rated as good.

The launch of the new response-to-intervention strategy before the end of the year should also be positively emphasized, Herlichka said, despite the pandemic. But now it needs “committed implementation”. (grill)

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(“Die Presse,” print edition, June 12, 2021)