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Dozens of wounded and nine dead in a train accident - Al-Alamiah

Dozens of wounded and nine dead in a train accident – Al-Alamiah

Nine people were killed in a train accident near Cairo in the Nile Delta. The cause of the accident has been determined.

Another train accident in Egypt killed nine people and injured nearly a hundred. And the Ministry of Health announced that the accident occurred in the Nile Delta, 40 kilometers from the capital, Cairo. From the security services, it was announced that eight train cars heading towards Mansoura were derailed. The train driver and other railway personnel will be asked about the cause of the accident.

Already the third accident in four weeks

At the end of March alone, two trains collided in the town of al-Sama al-Gharb, 460 kilometers south of Cairo, killing at least 20 people and wounding 199. A few days ago, a train derailed in northern Minga governorate – and 15 people were injured.

Egypt has witnessed a number of serious train accidents in recent years. In the worst such disaster in the country’s history, more than 360 people were killed in 2002 when a fire broke out on a train south of Cairo.

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