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Drosten: “Population immunity” ended the epidemic –

Drosten: “Population immunity” ended the epidemic –

According to Berlin virologist Christian Drosten, population-level immunity to the coronavirus led to the end of the coronavirus pandemic in Germany.

“We are now in a situation across the population that we are immune. This is population immunity, which is why the epidemic is now over,” Drosten said today at an event for the Infectious Zoonoses Research Network in Berlin.

“Omicron is not light”

Professor Charité stressed that the epidemic is not over because the omicron variant is mild. “Omicron is not light. This is just an overt misrepresentation,” Drosten said. “What puts us in a better position is the vaccination in particular and then the possibility of eventually being able to infect ourselves without dying on the basis of the vaccination.”

Hybrid immunity perfectly protects against severe cycles. Hybrid immunity occurs when a person is vaccinated and becomes infected or cured.

Express already once the end of the epidemic

Drosten had already commented on the end of the pandemic in an interview at the end of 2022, but then felt misunderstood. On NDR’s “Coronavirus Update” podcast in January, the virologist said he said something different than what parts of the audience received.

The end of a pandemic cannot be announced in advance, you can only look at it after – that is, after this wave.

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