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Dub will fly frequently to the US, Brazil and Venezuela next summer

Dub will fly frequently to the US, Brazil and Venezuela next summer

The Portuguese national airline will significantly expand its service to North and South America in the summer of 2023. This will provide a total of 17 additional flights during peak hours (June to September) compared to summer 2022, restoring service levels to pre-pandemic levels.

For the US, Tap offers 14 weekly flights to Boston (three more than the same period in 2022), five to Chicago (one more), ten to Miami (three more), five to San Francisco (one more in mid-summer ) and ten to Washington (two more). Overall, the airline will offer up to ten weekly flights to the US by mid-summer 2022. Flights to New York-JFK and Newark will continue.

For Brazil, by mid-summer 2023, TAP will offer four weekly flights to Belem, one more than in 2022, seven to Belo Horizonte (one more), six to Salvador (one more), six to Brasilia (one more) and 20 to São Paulo (two more). The offer remains unchanged in other Brazilian cities (Fortaleza, Natal, Maceió, Porto Alegre, Recife and Rio de Janeiro). Overall, Tap will increase the number of weekly flights to Brazil by mid-summer 2023 to six, compared to summer 2022.

Another innovation is increasing the number of flights between Lisbon and Caracas from two to three per week, improving service to the Portuguese community in Venezuela.

In addition to this important reinforcement of transatlantic flights from Lisbon, Daub said they will soon announce good news about intercontinental flights from Porto.