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Dusseldorf and Cologne/Bonn: Warning strikes at NRW airports on Monday

Dusseldorf and Cologne/Bonn: Warning strikes at NRW airports on Monday

Dusseldorf and Cologne/Bonn

Status: 02/24/2023 5:51 PM

In the public sector collective bargaining dispute, Verdi’s union expansion in North Rhine-Westphalia strikes warning. On Monday, Cologne, Bonn and Leverkusen were particularly affected – and the airports.

Verdi expands warning strikes in federal and local public services collective bargaining dispute. The Services Union has called on all public sector employees across New South Wales to go on an all-day warning strike on Monday. Verdi announced on Friday that this would result in significant restrictions on local public transport.

Strikes are also planned in some districts and regions on Tuesday.

Specifically, in local transport on Mondays, among others, KVB in Colognethe Municipal facilities Bonnthe Leverkusen Whoopsie as well as Rurban in Essen and Mülheim should be achieved. the Hagen tram According to her own statements, she tries to maintain an emergency schedule.

the Mark Transportation Company Presumably not all bus connections will be canceled because service providers are also on the road. It called on passengers to inform themselves in advance. In the Monsterland Bus connections must be in The districts of Warndorf, Steinfurt and Keesefeld stand out.

Also departments Herford and Minden-Lübbecke counties They are called to strike on Monday. It is said that there may be restrictions on services and administrative work. There are strikes on Tuesday Lippe, Paderborn, Hoxter and Gutersloh. in Bielefeld Stadtwerk and Mobil will also go on strike on Tuesday. This is why the schedule does not apply on Tuesdays.

in Aachen district On Tuesday, the entire municipal area as well as offices, day care centers, garbage disposals and local public transportation are in Aachen, Heinsberg, and Doreen should be achieved.

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Deutsche Bahn train lines are not affected.

The strike is scheduled to start at 3 am on Monday and continue until the end of operations. The KVB announced that all Cologne city railways were cancelled. Then only private bus companies are used.

Strikes will also be organized at the airports of Cologne / Bonn and Dusseldorf – according to Verdi, for example in aviation security, most airport companies, airport fire brigades and ground traffic workers.. In Cologne/Bonn, the strike began at night from Sunday to Monday, and shortly thereafter at Düsseldorf Airport. And because of the shift, the alarms ended in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

Both airports expect flight cancellations and longer waiting times. The airports said passengers are encouraged to check with the airline or tour operator before arriving at the airport whether and how their flights will be affected by the alert strikes.

In addition to negotiations for public sector employees, collective bargaining for aviation security personnel is currently taking place at airports. Just last Friday, Verdi’s warning strikes at seven German airports caused thousands of flights to be cancelled.

Many daycare centers remain closed

In municipalities, people must be prepared for longer waiting times at offices. Almost all day care centers in Cologne, Bonn, Troasdorf, Hennef and Gummersbach are said to be affected. This also applies to municipal hospitals and district supply and disposal companies. According to Verdi, emergency care is guaranteed in the city’s clinics.

the unions He had rejected the first offer from his employer as woefully inadequate on Thursday. Among other things, it included a five percent wage increase in two steps and one-off payments totaling €2,500. Verdi and the Civil Servants Association DBA demand an additional income of 10.5 percent, but no less than an additional €500 per month.

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The Consumer Advice Center points out that special rights apply when airport employees strike: If a flight is canceled due to a ground strike by employees, the airline is not to blame — and thus is not obligated to pay compensation or damages.

However, you must offer an alternative mode of transportation at no additional cost – by rail, bus or boat, or by providing an alternative journey at another time. If necessary, you must also pay for a hotel, taxi or food. If you do not wish to use this alternative, the airline must refund the full fare.

Home office when the bus breaks down
  • When buses and trains are not running:

It’s different with “public transportation”: in the event of a strike, you are not entitled to transportation or a fare refund. The “Mobility Guarantee” offered by many carriers also does not apply. Taxi costs are not reimbursed – not even if you are late to work because of the strike.

Strictly speaking, a person who does not arrive at his workplace on time must, by law, make up time or take a vacation. The Consumer Advice Center advises clarifying with the employer whether a home office will be an alternative.

On March 27, personnel negotiations for federal and local government are scheduled to continue. A separate collective agreement applies to employees of the federal states.