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Dutch Crown Princess Amalia has temporarily moved to Spain

Dutch Crown Princess Amalia has temporarily moved to Spain

Queen Máxima announced in 2022 that Amalia could no longer live in Amsterdam or go out.

The Crown Princess of the Netherlands Amalia According to media reports, she had recently been living in Spain because she had received threats.

As radio station NOS reported on Wednesday, citing sources in the royal family, the 20-year-old has studied in Madrid for more than a year. She now lives in Amsterdam again.

For safety reasons

Amalia initially studied Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics at the University of Amsterdam from 2022. For security reasons, she moved out of her student accommodation after only a few weeks and returned to the palace in The Hague. The royal family had already spoken about threats against the princess at the time. Amalia can't live in Amsterdam or go out anymore Queen Máxima He explained at the time. “This has a huge impact on their lives,” the mother said regretfully.

No information was provided at that time about the nature of the threats directed against Amalia. There were reportedly fears that criminals would kidnap the princess.

NOS has now reported that the danger to Amalia has not yet been completely averted. However, due to unannounced “measures”, she can live and study in the Netherlands again. A rare official appearance of the Crown Princess in the royal family was also announced on Wednesday evening: she is on a two-day official visit to the Spanish royal family.

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