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€2 million – The renovation of the Neurology Department in Amstetten has been completed

€2 million – The renovation of the Neurology Department in Amstetten has been completed

For more than 20 years, the Department of Neurology at Amstetten State Hospital has made a significant contribution to ensuring acute neurological care in the region. Given the increasing incidence of neurological diseases in old age, this area is of great importance against the backdrop of demographic developments.

“Adapt to the latest requirements”

In order to ensure further development, care and meet the needs of patients and staff, the state of Lower Austria has now invested €2 million in the Department of Neurology at the Amstetten State Hospital.

“The existing infrastructure has been adapted to meet the latest medical requirements in order to continue to guarantee high quality and the best possible care. An important step towards improving neurological care in Lower Austria is the expansion of observation beds from Phase B and renovation of outpatient and treatment rooms at Amstetten State Hospital.”

These measures make it possible to care for additional patients who require observation and intensive care in the early phase after acute neurological diseases such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc. “This is an important signal for the region, because state-of-the-art medical care for all residents of Lower Austria is our primary goal,” explains Schleretsko.

Provide empathy and expertise

“For professional care to be successful, in addition to spatial conditions, a multidisciplinary team of specialists is needed. “At this point, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff who, with their expertise, compassion and sensitivity, contribute to providing the best possible care to patients at Amstetten State Hospital every day,” adds Alfred Zinns, member of the NÖ-LGA Board of Directors. .

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He would also like to thank all the experts involved in the construction project for their professional cooperation. This also enabled a smooth process and timely and effective implementation.

The collective management of the Amstetten Hospital would especially like to thank all the staff at the Amstetten State Hospital, who actively participated in the planning and, despite the pressure caused by the construction work, provided excellent patient care during the ongoing operations.