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Eating with rescue workers attracts many people who want to get vaccinated

Eating with rescue workers attracts many people who want to get vaccinated

IIn the summer, Thuringia sausage made a name for itself, which was offered free to those willing to get vaccinated. On Saturday, the Mecklenburg Lake District managed to use a similar temptation to inoculate several people: Rescue workers stationed in New Brandenburg organized an “open day” and served roast pork.

Within four hours, 201 visitors were vaccinated, vaccination coordinator Sebastian Bos of the German news agency said. Sometimes there was a long queue. Among those wishing to be vaccinated were 48 women and men who received the first vaccination and 130 who received the third vaccination.

With this show, two birds can be killed with one stone: on the one hand, the vaccination campaign was strengthened, and on the other hand, the Medicine and Care Train was able to experience newly acquired field cooks. The vaccination coordinator said they were looking for buyers for food anyway.

Pressure on the federal and state governments is increasing

With the vaccination rate across Germany still very low and the number of infections on the rise, pressure is building ahead of Thursday’s federal and state meeting. In a call on Saturday, 35 prominent medical professionals and other experts called on governments to quickly change course. The researchers, led by internist Michael Halleck and virologist Melanie Brinkman, complained of “the repeated neglect of the well-being of people who depend on state protection”. They warn: “Every day of waiting costs human lives.” In the appeal, published by Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, they called for a national crisis team that includes experts and practitioners from virology, medicine and companies.

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