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Edmund: A Lewand –

Edmund: A Lewand –

“Lewand’s Finest” – Austrian rockers from Edmund opened this year’s season with two evenings on the Fresh Air stage in Linz Posthov.

In the third year after the opening, one can almost speak of a “tradition” – the open-air stage in the Posthof car park enriches Linz’s summer cultural life with a variety of events. Austrian rocker Edmund booked two evenings – sold out and Sunshine Friday, and sold out Saturday and after a rainy day. Logically, we have chosen the second evening to attend the opening.

The young Jungmeister, who had grown up around a bass player, were allowed to open both evenings. They are no longer unknown to us here at, as we have already been able to welcome them to the radio show Subtext On Air (listen here). This evening they’re performing “Woamkoid” as well as Danzer, and their new single “Wonnst moi wieda” also finds its way into the nearly half-hour programme. It’s very nice that a homegrown band with a similar musical focus as the headliners found their way onto the Posthof stage. With pleasure often!

Edmund: pop rock vocals

But of course people came because of Edmund. Named after the Viennese Workers’ most famous television actor, Edmund has become one of the most successful artists in the local pop-rock oestro business since 2018, when their debut “Freindschoft” was released. Two more successful records followed, “Leiwand” and “Fein”. The Amadeus Prize, apparently something like a trademark in this country, of course included. It becomes clear why Edmund also succeeds in this, then no longer rainy, Saturday evening at the Posthof: pop numbers, understandable and squeezing the passion gland. Newly interpreted versions such as “Schatzi” are popular as “Zam oid wearn”, “Gin Tonic” and “Die Blonde mitn Mittelscheitl”. The crowd at the Posthof that rainy day knew their lyrics, were energetic even in their rain cloaks, and were very happy after a two-hour date with Edmond. They know how to entertain an audience and deliver exactly what makes a success and what a good live concert needs. Can you do that!

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the pictures: Christopher Lipp