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Eisenstadt becomes the federal base for athletics – the province of Burgenland

Eisenstadt becomes the federal base for athletics – the province of Burgenland

LR Dorner: The facility in Eisenstadt is of great importance to Sportland Burgenland

The state of Burgenland, together with the city of Eisenstadt and the Austrian Athletics Federation (ÖLV), will improve competitive athletics in Burgenland and better support Burgenland’s best athletes. The ÖLV Board of Directors decided to develop Eisenstadt into an “ÖLV federal base” and to include it in the structural and strategic concept of the association. This means that it is now possible not only to support the players of the ÖLV team, but also to support the Eisenstadt site with federal sports funds for infrastructure, a base coach position and other actions across the ÖLV. “Burgenland is proud to work in the field of athletics and this facility in Eisenstadt. Acceptance as a federal norm of the ÖLV is an important contribution to the achievement of the main objective,” said the State Councilor for Sports Heinrich Dorner today, March 24, 2023, at a joint press conference with Eisenstadt Mayor Thomas Steiner. The goal of becoming the country’s number one sport. Mixner, President of the Burgenland Athletics Federation, as well as the General Secretary of the Austrian Athletics Federation, Helmut Baudes, and the outstanding Burgenland athletes Caroline Breidlinger and Niklas Strömeyer Dangel. Powers in Eisenstadt is very important for Sportland Burgenland. The construction of the new federal base here makes us political representatives and officials very proud, ”emphasized the State Adviser for Sport.

The federal ÖLV base in Eisenstadt should enable further continuous development of athletics in Burgenland and be a new economic stimulus: because in the short term, two new jobs and in the long term from three to five new jobs will be created in Burgenland. There is an extra added value in Burgenland with sporting events and many visitors to these events. “Five years ago, Burgenland was not represented on the athletics map. The dynamic development of Burgenland’s athletes or the infrastructure for training and competitions were very promising. With ÖLV funding, athletics should get a bigger boost,” explained the county councilor. “Big thanks to Rolf Mixner and his team, the ÖLV and the city of Eisenstadt. Together with the athletes Niklas Strömeyer-Dangel and the athletes Caroline Breidlinger, we see the success of this commitment and strategy. I am convinced that many successful talents will leave this factory of personnel.

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Eisenstadt Mayor Thomas Steiner said that thanks to the good teamwork of all participants, a lot has been achieved in athletics in recent years. The athletics arena in Eisenstadt is not only used for high level sports, but also for grassroots sports. Currently about 2,000 students from HTL and HAK use the sports facility. Steiner explained that in the new primary school, which will be built near the arena in the next few years, there will be an emphasis on sports and exercise, and the athletics facility will also play a central role here. The arena will be continuously developed over the coming years. A 250-seat spectator stand will soon be built.

A total of around 85,000 euros in funding will flow into the Eisenstadt base in 2023, said Helmut Bodice, General Secretary of the Austrian Athletics Federation. ÖLV is committed to the Eisenstadt site for the long term, and the collaboration should continue at least until the 2028 Olympics. Bodice says that This will also strengthen the foundation for athletics in Burgenland. Burgenland Athletics Federation (BLV) President Rolf Mixner said that with the expansion of the infrastructure and the purchase of new training equipment, year-round training is now possible in Eisenstadt, which can be tailored to the needs of the athletes. Only with the support of the state of Burgenland and the city of Eisenstadt can funds be released from federal funding. In the end, all the details together make up the athletes’ athletic success, Meixner emphasized.

In view of the positive development of athletics in Burgenland in recent years, ÖLV decided to build a new federal base in Eisenstadt in cooperation with the state, city and BLV. The decision required for this has now been passed by the ÖLV Board of Directors in February 2023. All partners – the State of Burgenland, the City of Eisenstadt, the Burgenland Athletics Association and the Austrian Athletics Federation – contribute to the further development of the site and thus the development of athletics in Burgenland. The BLV is entrusted with the sports management of the base with Rolf Meixner, who is supported by coaches Ursula Bredinger and Andreas Bezecny and diagnostically by Ronja Leitner as well as organizationally by Franz Weixelbaum and Andreas and Thomas Diederbeck on technical matters. ÖLV invests in operating costs, specific sports equipment and personnel costs for the part-time job of a basic trainer. In addition, Burgenland’s top athletes are supported in training camps and competitions. Priority is given to Olympic competitors such as President of Burgenland Niclas Stromayer Dangel, athletes of the Burgenland National Team and talents in the state’s squad.

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Athletics_Eisenstadt_001 (from left to right): Helmut Baudis (General Secretary of the Austrian Athletics Federation), sports district councilor Heinrich Dorner, athlete Caroline Breidlinger, athlete Niklas Stromeyer Dangel, mayor Thomas Steiner (Eisenstadt) and Rolf Mixner (chairman of the Burgenland Athletics Association)

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Athletics_Eisenstadt_002 (from left to right): State Sports Councilor Heinrich Dorner, sportswoman Caroline Breidlinger, sportswoman Niklas Strömeyer Dangel and mayor Thomas Steiner (Eisenstadt)

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Athletics_Eisenstadt_003 (from left to right): Heinz Muck (Vice-Chairman of the Sports Advisory Board of the City of Eisenstadt), Sports District Councilor Heinrich Dorner, Rolf Mixner (President of the Burgenland Athletics Association), Athlete Caroline Breidlinger, Athlete Niklas Strömeyer Dangel, Mayor Thomas Steiner (City of Eisenstadt) and Helmut Boedes (General Secretary of the Federation Austrian Athletics) and Istvan Delle (First Deputy Mayor of Eisenstadt and Chairman of the City Sports Advisory Board)

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