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Election observers in Peru see no irregularities - Politics -

Election observers in Peru see no irregularities – Politics –

Pedro Castillo hopes to win

Election observers in Peru assume that there will be presidential elections that adhere to the rules. “The mission did not find any serious irregularities,” the OAS election observation mission said on Friday (local time). The final result of the elections is not yet known, five days after the elections.

With more than 99 percent of the votes counted, leftist Pedro Castillo led by less than 50.1 percent over right-wing populist Keiko Fujimori with 49.9 percent. However, Fujimori requested the cancellation of about 200,000 votes cast and questioned the counting of another 300,000 ballot papers. Castillo currently submits about 60,000 votes.

In the midst of this election crime, the prosecutor again filed a request for the pre-trial detention of Fujimori, accused of corruption. Jose Domingo Perez accuses the politician of violating the terms of probation. The daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori is suspected of corruption in the widespread case surrounding Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

This is the third time Fujimori has run for the highest office in the state. In 2011 and 2016, she ended up behind her competitors in the run-off. When she cast her vote on Sunday, she had promised that, unlike last time, she would accept the result even in the event of defeat.

According to the initial report of the Washington-based regional organization, the OAS mission observed “a positive electoral process, with significant improvement between the first and second rounds”. But she called for “no winners to be announced until all challenges have been resolved.” Castillo had already been declared the winner of the election.

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