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Elections in Portugal: Socialists lead according to opinion polls

Elections in Portugal: Socialists lead according to opinion polls

According to forecasts, the ruling Socialist Party won the general elections in Portugal. According to a voter poll conducted by the public television station RTP, which is considered highly reliable, Prime Minister Antonio Costa, the Social Democrat PS, has received between 37 and 42 percent of the vote today. The Socialists can hope to obtain an absolute majority in Parliament. According to estimates, at least 41 percent is required for this.

However, the 60-year-old Costa will likely continue to count on the support of smaller left-wing parties. The Left Bloc and the Integration of Communists (PCP) and Greens (PEV) supported Costa’s previous government – but launched new elections by refusing to approve the budget. They should now be punished for this, both lists lost according to the polls.

Even conservatives with gains

A grand alliance or far-reaching cooperation with the conservative-leaning Social Democratic Party led by top candidate Roy Rio is highly unlikely. Costas PS and Rios PSD are the two big traditional parties in Portugal.

According to RTP’s forecast, the PSD again took second place with 30 to 35 percent. Although they were able to turn a profit, the conservatives were denied the coveted first place.

Other Portuguese media published similar figures in the evening, shortly after the closing of the last polling stations in the Azores. At TV station SIC, PS was 37.4 to 41.1 percent. In the previous elections in the fall of 2019, the Socialist Party won 36.3 percent, and the PSD received 27.8 percent.