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Electricity and gas customers are very unstable

Electricity and gas customers are very unstable

According to a broadcast from tariff comparison portal durchblicker, electricity and gas customers are currently very unsafe. It is said that many may now consider changing providers. However, experts recommend staying with Wien Energie for now, as all alternative offerings are currently very expensive.

The turmoil surrounding state energy supplier Wien Energie is increasingly worrying consumers. In tariff comparison portal durchblicker, the number of tariff comparisons for electricity has increased by two-thirds since Sunday and a half for gas, the portal announced in a broadcast. On Sunday, it was announced that Wien Energie is facing financial difficulties.

Expert: All alternative offers are more expensive

Such an exceptional situation in which a regional energy supplier is facing financial problems of this dimension does not exist in Austria, says Stefan Spiegelhofer, expert on Dorseblicker. “More and more customers are wondering if they should switch to another power supply.” For now, durchblicker advises Wien Energie customers to stay with the provider.

“Anyone who is unsure and fears that the state will not help Wien Energie has the option to conclude a tariff with another provider at any time. However, currently all alternative offerings are more expensive,” Spiegelhofer says.

“Do not object to the tariff change at the moment”

Just two weeks ago, Wien Energie announced that the majority of its home customers would automatically switch to a new tariff for green electricity that was a quarter higher on average. Those who are vehemently opposed will stay at the current tariff. However, this current tariff will become significantly more expensive from September 1, and therefore will cost significantly more in the future than the new green electricity tariff, according to Durchblicker. The tariff comparison portal advises affected Wien Energie customers not to object to the tariff change and to use the additional free months offered with a twelve-month commitment to the new tariff.

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The tariff change at Wien Energie has also been scrutinized by consumer protection groups. The Consumer Information Association (VKI) studies the legal steps and checks whether short deadlines and automatic transfer are legal. It remains unclear if and when there will be a class action lawsuit against Wien Energie.