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Electricity Record USA: 111 hours from beach to beach

Electricity Record USA: 111 hours from beach to beach

4,677 kilometers, from one beach to another, in 111 hours. With electric motorcycle. Two Americans have set a new record.

With each Energica Have to go from one beach in America to another. And as soon as possible. Rob Schwartz started on the East Coast in New York. He flew the Energy Eva SC9 to California. From there, Steven Day began to sail from the West Coast, more precisely: from Redonto Beach in California to the East Coast. He was sitting on an Energy Eva Rebel.

Only one came

Steven Day just arrived as planned. Rob Swartz had to retire after his team’s service truck crashed. Steven Day was able to cross the United States again in 111 hours. He was not the first person to cross the United States on an electric motorcycle. In 2020, Diego Gordonas drove his Harley-Davidson livewire from the Mexican border to Canada via the West Coast Green Highway in 178 hours.

Strategy: Full Throttle

Back to Steven Day and his 111 hours, which is only possible with fast charging technology. Within an hour, Steven Energica’s battery was about 90 percent charged. Driving Strategy: At full throttle. This gave him a 160km limit on the freeway and, according to his own reports, a 260 to 320km limit in the city.

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Of course it is not a matter of whether you can charge electric motorcycles with superchargers. Energica and Harley are currently making it possible. Co-worker Jens Kratschmar describes Here’s a look at how and why you can charge EnergyGas and Electric Horley at fast charging stations such as the Tesla Superchargers..


The campaign is aimed at drawing attention to the fact that there are electric motorcycles with fast charging technology. The title took on new impetus when Tesla announced in early 2022 that it would open its superchargers to other brands as well. 111 hours is difficult to estimate, especially for driving quality and experience. The route planner predicts 42 hours for a combustion vehicle. Fortunately, everyone can decide what is the most fun.