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“Electronic Flight Challenge” at Memmingen Airport: Can an e-car be faster than an e-plane?  – Allgäu current news

“Electronic Flight Challenge” at Memmingen Airport: Can an e-car be faster than an e-plane? – Allgäu current news

In a competition, an e-car and an e-plane travel across Germany. Why can the driver of the car be the first to reach the destination?

Luca Rideser

08/28/2023 | As of 7:01 p.m

Plane or car – which is faster? The plane, as most people say right away. But when it comes to electrically powered machines, things are not so clear cut.

An e-car and an e-plane are served at Memmingen Airport

In the Allgäu airport The American company Lucid Motors presented its electric car to the aircraft manufacturer, the Electra Solar Landsberg his electric plane. On Tuesday, the two will compete against each other in the Electronic Flying Challenge. Which of them managed to cross Germany in less time?

was originally memmingen planned as a starting point. But because of the rain it starts in Gelnhausen near Frankfurt. The destination is the East Frisian island of Norderney. In order to reach them, the e-car must take the ferry shortly before arrival.

In “E-Fight Challenge”, range is especially important

“I still support the car,” says Muriel Westermann, futurist, pilot and initiator of the project. The plane flies at 120 km/h, which is hard to maintain for a car. But with a range of up to 880 km, the car doesn’t need to stop to charge on the road of approximately 550 km. On the other hand, the plane cannot travel this distance without landing and recharging it with electricity.

And electronic planes should be created in the same way that electronic cars are already being created

“At first everyone thought electric cars were just a luxury. Now they are everywhere and they travel long distances. This should also be the case with airplanes,” says Norbert Wehrl, managing director of Air2E Berlin, a company that offers individual tours. This will be offered in electric aircraft in the future – regardless of flight schedules.

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“Through the competition, we want to show what’s possible now, and that you don’t have to be afraid of greater distances when thinking about electric mobility,” says Westermann.

The e-plane is still a prototype and the second approved machine of its kind, but if you look at the evolution of e-cars, it becomes clear that this is likely to change soon. Tuesday night will show how the race ends.

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