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Elegen and GSK sign a collaboration and licensing agreement to further develop Elegen's cell-free DNA production technology

Elegen and GSK sign a collaboration and licensing agreement to further develop Elegen's cell-free DNA production technology

January 24, 2024, 3697 characters

Elegen, a leading manufacturer of innovative DNA, today announced a collaboration and licensing agreement with GSK (LSE/NYSE: GSK), allowing the company to use Elegen's proprietary cell-free DNA manufacturing technology in the development of GSK's vaccines and medicines. .

The agreement includes upfront payments and purchase commitments from Elegens ENFINIA DNA to support GSK's development of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, including RNA vaccines. Elegen is also entitled to significant short-term payments related to the development of new product features as well as a potential equity investment from GSK in Elegen.

Launched in March last year, ENFINIA DNA delivers highly complex, high-quality, NGS-certified linear DNA of up to 7 kb in just seven business days. Unlike traditional synthesis of mRNA from linear plasmid DNA, Elegen's DNA is produced in a completely cell-free manner, enabling a seamless transition from discovery to clinical scale-up under good manufacturing practices. This technology can save significant time and resources spent on cloning, linearizing and purifying plasmid DNA, as well as establishing master cell banks. Elegen's innovation in cell-free DNA manufacturing technology represents a major advance that could advance the next generation of mRNA, cell and gene therapies.

This collaboration follows the early access program launched by Elegen in May last year, which offered DNA of greater length and complexity to selected customers. “Over the past year, dozens of customers, including many of the top 10 biopharmaceutical companies, have vouched for the unprecedented speed, length, precision and complexity of our cell-free DNA production technology,” said Dr. Matthew Hill, Founder and CEO of Elegen. “GSK recognizes the importance of a reliable and ready supply of DNA for a variety of applications where speed, accuracy and quality in DNA synthesis are critical. This collaboration will expand our offerings to include clinical production of genetic medicines, potentially including mRNA, cellular and viral gene therapies.”

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About elegen

Elegen offers unique insights and technical innovations to produce high-quality synthetic DNA faster, catalyzing the next revolution in life sciences. The company is led by experienced leaders with decades of experience developing novel and scalable methods in molecular biology, chemistry and microfluidics. Elegen uses a proprietary microfluidic method to produce longer, higher-quality DNA in less time for the agricultural, chemical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Founded in 2017, Elegen is a privately held company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit the website And communicate with us LinkedIn And x (Twitter).

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