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Eleglide introduces two new e-bikes – Citycrosser and Tankroll

BERLIN, April 1 /PRNewswire/ Eleglide has unveiled two new e-bikes to the public – the Citycrosser and the Tankroll. With this, Eleglide opens a new chapter in e-bike innovation.

cross the city

cross the city It is torque driven by one city ​​bikewhich were developed to meet the needs of the city.

She looks good. The main frame is bright white with golden stripes. The gentle interplay of glossy white and gold ensures an extraordinary look.

What should please drivers the most is the fact that it has a torque sensor. The bike’s electrical output is determined by measuring the torque the rider is pedaling, while the cadence sensor measures the speed at which the rider is pedaling.

The torque powered bike is very comfortable. With a torque sensor, you can get electrical power while riding uphill with little effort. But with the cadence sensor, you don’t get power unless you pedal fast enough. The latter obviously requires more power when pedaling.

Another advantage is the ultra-thin tires. Measuring 700x38c, the CST’s slim tires have less friction but more speed, allowing for a faster and smoother ride. In addition, it is reinforced with steel wires that ensure excellent wear resistance, puncture resistance and durability.

Other features of the city crosser are a 250W motor with a torque of 45Nm and a top speed of 25km/h, a 360W battery with a range of 75km, a 7-speed Shimano derailleur, an LCD display – dashboard, etc. .

tank roll

tank roll It is a versatile fat bike designed for riding on a variety of terrains.

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Equipped with a 480Wh battery for a range of 70km and a 250W motor that delivers 57Nm of torque and a top speed of 25km/h.

The most interesting part is the big off-road tires. Measuring 26 x 4 inches, these wide tires provide greater traction and stability on uneven surfaces. It is also reinforced with steel wires to ensure durability. With these powerful tires, Tankroll can drive on any terrain.

Also, the Tankroll features a 7-speed motor for an easy ride and hydraulic suspension with locking for a smooth and smooth ride.

New version special offer

eliglide It has set itself the task of making low-emissions transportation accessible to all. Citycrosser and Tankroll have proven their design at competitive prices. There is also from 15 to 22 September on and Specials: Citycrosser for €1,049.99 and Tankroll for €1149.99.

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