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European League Of Football 2022

ELF conference with Raiders, Vikings and defending champion Galaxy

The league will start next season with twelve franchises from five countries. To the previous eight participants, six Germans, one each from Poland and Spain, Austrian Riders Tyrol and runner-up Vienna Vikings meetsuch as Istanbul and Dusseldorf.

Vikings and invaders join ELF

AUT-GER . Conference

Participants from Austria will meet Stuttgart and current champion Frankfurt at the Central Conference. The conference will take place there and back. There are also six matches against franchisees from other conferences. The Raiders meet with three German teams in Berlin, Leipzig and Cologne. The Vikings face Wroclaw, Istanbul and Barcelona.

In the basic round, each franchise plays twelve games. The winners of the three conferences and the best runner-up in the group advance to the semi-finals. who – which Championship match It will take place on September 25 next year at the Wörthersee stadium in Klagenfurt.

“With Rhein Fire, another NFL Europe brand is back that has a loyal following to this day and has great potential.”, so commissioner ELF Patrick Isom. “Vikings and invaders are the best that Austrian football has to offer. Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city, the Rams is a growing organization. We are totally happy.”

Further expansion in 2023

“We are very happy with our field of participants. The interest after the first season was very high, we had intense discussions until the end, but ultimately made the decision to complete the first expansion phase as originally planned. Of course the temptation was great, but it doesn’t always make sense to get past yourself. “Says the managing director of ELF Zeljko KarajicaLooking to 2023: Then other teams will surely follow.

ELF Championship 2022 game in Klagenfurt