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Emotions rise during the Val Gardena - AlpsHL Test match

Emotions rise during the Val Gardena – AlpsHL Test match

He made an intense duel: Gröden (in red) and Cortina. © Social Media HC Val Gardena

HC Gröden played his second test match of the new season on Wednesday night. In the end, feelings rose.

Fury met again with Cortina, who was the contender in the first Test a week ago. At that time Val Gardena lost 3:5, this time there was a 2:3 defeat after a penalty shootout.

David Messial’s side played their second friendlies this season without Colin Furlong, Brad McGowan, Terrence Amorosa, Michael Solomon, Christian Willet, Michael Solva and Patrick Knocker, but with Jerry Samalisto. This happened against a great backdrop and once again showcased recreational ice hockey.

Both teams ran at a high pace from the start, and there were chances for both sides. The first of these opportunities was seized by Yuri Kristillo, who made use of a superb pass from Max Oberrauch when he scored his first goal in an HCG dress. As Paul Hoover was strong in the first period, the first period was stopped with a 1-0 lead. In the second half, Cortina increased the speed, which led to two goals conceded. But the reaction of anger immediately: Matteo Luisiti released Samuel Moroder, which was worth watching, and the latter only had to grab the shovel and push it into the empty goal – 2: 2 after 40 minutes.

Players fight each other

In the last third they both presented nothing, and this point was sometimes difficult to determine. The game did not have a friendly personality. The players sparred in the last minutes in particular, which led to several minutes of penalty kicks. However, Furie survived many outnumbered situations with flying colors. And so I finally went into the penalty shootout without extra time, with Cortina keeping the upper hand.

HC Val Gardena – Cortina 2:3 N

Gates Val Gardena: Yuri Kristlon, Samuel Moroder


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