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England legend Gary Lineker is disturbed by sexual noise: Curiosities live on British TV

What exactly happened?

Lineker, who was in the studio, cleared himself before the duel Between wolves and reds Along with the on-site expert Alan Shearer, when he suddenly heard a loud groan.

Lineker couldn’t help but laugh.

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He then tweeted a photo showing an old cell phone with duct tape on it. “We found this recorded on set,” the 62-year-old wrote, apparently still amused. “The vandalism was very amusing.”

Then a fellow Brazilian explained that this kind of pranks (“WhatsApp Moans”, ed.) was more common in his country. It was soon clear who was responsible for the absurdity: Youtuber Jarvo69 (177,000 followers) celebrated his act with a friend in a video. The clip shows him calling a cell phone in a studio and playing sexual noises on another phone.

But the BBC was not particularly enthusiastic about the campaign. The announcer apologized to the viewers and announced an investigation.

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