Pahlaj Nihalani Sacked As CBFC welcomes lyricist Prasoon Joshi

Finally, the time has come. James Bond will no longer be in hurry with his kissing scene or alternative films like Lipstick Under the Burkha won’t face any more cuts as the sanskari CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani has been sacked with immediate effect.

No doubt, all quarters of the film fraternity of India have welcomed this decision of the Narendra Modi government and the arrival of lyricist Prasoon Joshi as the Chairperson is a welcome change! The NDA government will also have a huge sigh of relief as they were on the receiving end for megalomaniac Pahlaj Nihalani who was a complete misfit for the prestigious job.

Pahlaj NihalniPahlaj Nihalani’s removal from the coveted post was imminent as he constantly made rash remarks in the media and became an instant subject to get trolled. Be it Pahlaj Nihalani or Gajendra Chauhan – appointments of them as heads of reputed institutions did create a huge ruckus. One can definitely remember the infamous 139-day strike by the FTII students against Gajendra Chauhan’s appointment.

Pahlaj Nihalani wasn’t spared either and he made his own task tougher with controversies and opting for a conservative stance on censorship. Nevertheless, one can definitely hope that Prasoon Joshi will definitely bring a ray of hope to the institution of repute and give the much-needed liberty to Indian filmy domain.

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