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St. Martin – Somertheater Klosterneuburg invites you to attend the “Disaster Dinner”

St. Martin – Somertheater Klosterneuburg invites you to attend the “Disaster Dinner”

Klosterneuburg In July, the 11th production of the Klosterneuburg Summer Theater, “Disaster Dinner, Madam!”, will be performed in the garden of St. Martin's Church. included. The collection uses Michael Niavarani's adaptation of Mark Camoletti's play Madame Being Served – an entertaining comedy, perfect for a warm summer outdoor theatrical evening.

It pays homage to the principles of French popular comedy in a mannered way. “This year, we once again continue the common thread that was already present in our previous productions: showcasing an entertaining and high-quality piece. The author has an extraordinary sense of humor, situational and verbal comedy,” says actress Julia Brooke Schauer emphatically.

“Madame Has Been Served” was written by French playwright Marc Camoletti in 1985. It was a huge success on stage in French-speaking regions and has since been frequently performed before enthusiastic audiences on both small and large stages. In translation “Don't Dress for Dinner” has been running continuously in London for six years and since 2012 also on Broadway in New York. So, with the Austrian adaptation by Michael Niavarani, we bring a tabloid classic to the stage.

To the piece

A romantic dinner turns into a disaster: the adventurous husband prefers to plan a weekend with his young lover, model Suzy, rather than spend it with his wife. In order to hide her presence at the shared holiday home, he invites a good friend. He, in turn, has a secret relationship with his wife. Unfortunately, her lover shows up a little late and the cook, also named Susie, appears before her. Mixtures cause comedy and confusion!


Director: Joanna Rieger, Julia Brooke Schauer

Direction, stage and costumes: Joanna Rieger

Cast: Johanna Rieger, Julia Brock Schauer, Eric Noth, Lukas Meyer, Monica Schmatsberger, Rudolf Pfister

Production, press and organization management: Joanna Rieger, Julia Brooke Schauer

Art direction and photos: Ulrich Olinger

Play dates

July 25, 26 and 27, August 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17

Start: 7:30 pm, doors open at 6:30 pm (Start time has changed!)

the tickets And online information: – Mother’s Day show until Sunday, May 12.

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