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Epson has disabled users' printers because the sponge is full

Epson has disabled users’ printers because the sponge is full

© Pexels/George Melton

printer manufacturer Epson Hardware blocks still working after a certain time. The counter ensures that the printers deactivate themselves with the message “Part has reached the end of its useful life”.

Every part is ink sponge, which is intended to capture excess printer ink at the bottom of the casing. This happens, for example, when cleaning the nozzle or when printing without borders. annoying Epson A filled sponge can leak, which is why the counter activates that disables the printer after a certain time. Hardware affected L130, L220, L310, L360 And the L365.

Reset counter

who one Windows computer The counter can be reset using the official Epson software. This is not available for Mac or Linux. However, Epson writes that the printer only “just for a while“Works again. How long does communication take place.

Epson recommends that users simply buy a new printer, even if the old one is still working fine. It is said that once the news comes out, other components will soon reach the end of their useful life.

The printer can be brought in for repair, but this will not work, the manufacturer writes. Officially, there are no Epson replacement sponges available. However, there are instructions on the net on how to replace the sponge yourself if you are looking for “Reset the ink pad“Seek.