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EQS-PVR: SunMirror AG: Issue pursuant to Article 135, Section 2, BörseG with a view to distribution across Europe

EQS Voting Rights Declaration: SunMirror AG SunMirror AG: Issue pursuant to Article 135, Section 2, BörseG with a view to distribution across Europe 04.12.2021 / 22:17 Publication of the Voting Rights Declaration sent by EQS – a service of EQS Group AG. The issuer is responsible for the content of this advertisement. ————————————————– ————————– Notice of Participation as per Sections 130 to 134 BörseG 2018 Overview
[ ] Notification takes place after the deadline Caution: According to Article 137 BörseG 2018, the suspension of voting rights must be considered if someone violates the obligation to report a post. 1. Issuer: SunMirror AG 2. Reason for notification: Other 3. Person subject to reporting requirements Pierre Maliczak 4. Shareholder name: Paragon Sicav ltd – Paragon First Mover 5. Minimum contact date: 11/26/2021 6. Overall person status Subject to reporting requirements Percentages of the total number of voting rights representing voting rights, financial/other 7.A + voting rights for equity instruments 7.B in des (7.A) (7.B.1 +% Issuer 7.B A: Voting rights, including shares ISIN shares Number of voting rights Percentage of voting rights Direct Indirect Indirect Indirect (Section 130 BörseG (Section 133 BörseG (Section 133 BörseG 2018) 2018 2018) 2018) CH0396131929 85 032 4.25% Subsum A 85 032 4.25% B 1: Financial instruments nte / other instruments according to Section 131 Paragraph 1 Z 1 BörseG 2018 Type Expiry date Exercise period Number of instruments Percentage Voting rights to be acquired Subgroup B.1 B 2: Financial instruments / other instruments in accordance with paragraph 131 paragraph 1 Z 2 BörseG 2018 Art des expiry date Exercise period No. Actual Proportional Instruments or Cash Voting Rights B.2 Settlement Voting Rights 8. Information on Person Required for Reporting:
[ ] The person to be reported (point 3) is not under the control of a natural / legal person and does not control any other person who directly or indirectly owns instruments of the issuer.
[X] Whole chain of controlled companies in which voting rights and/or financial/other instruments are held, starting with the highest controlling natural or legal person: direct sum owned directly by number name controls financial/other voting rights through number in shares instruments (%) (%) (%) 1 Pierre Maliczak Paragon 2 Sicav ltd – 1 4.25% 4.25% Paragon First Mover 9. In the case of a power of attorney to vote, date of the general meeting: – Share of voting rights after the general meeting: – corresponds to – rights Voting 10. Other notes: The company acknowledged the official trading on November 29, 2021. According to the information received, today is the day of purchase. ————————————————– ————————— 04.12.2021 ——————— ————————————————– —– Language: German Company: SunMirror AG Steinhauserstrasse 74 6300 Zug Switzerland Internet:

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