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Error causes WiFi to be turned off on iPhone

Error causes WiFi to be turned off on iPhone

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Security researcher Carl Shaw has one am iPhone bug found from WLAN Jobs Paralyzed devices. It happens when using devices WiFi networks with unusual names Connection, Sleeping computer reports.

Notice what the problem was when he was using a WiFi hotspot %p %s %s %s %s %s %n It was his name, he wanted to call. He wrote on Twitter that neither restarting nor changing the network name would help solve the problem.

The problem occurred in Schou with iPhone XS with iOS 14.4. In , tests by Bleeping Computer showed that iPhones running iOS 14.6 are also affected.

This can solve the problem

The defect can only be fixed by resetting the network settings. This is below on iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Network Settings Maybe.

It is not clear why the problem occurred. Bleeping Computer says there could be a string formatting problem. iOS may confuse % symbols with programming commands and variables.

No problems on Android devices

The specific problem most likely persists in iPhone devices. According to several users, it did not happen on Android devices.

Such craft-related errors are not uncommon. A rare Indian character set in the year 2018 iPhones are disabled.

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