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Erzbergrodeo: Austrian podium as goal

Erzbergrodeo: Austrian podium as goal


From June 8 to 11, the Erzbergrodeo will take place for the 27th time. “Our goal will be to have an Austrian on the podium,” said motorcycle legend Heinz Kinigadner Thursday in his presentation to enduro leader Michael Walkner.

Last year, Walkner finished sixth in the Erzbergrodeo, the guy from Salzburg celebrated his first achievement in the Erzbergrodeo, which only eight participants managed that year.

In the end, the technically demanding main division “Carl’s Dinner”, which regularly pushes not only ambitious amateurs but also top athletes to the limits, gave him a lot of trouble. “Then I ran out of steam,” Walkner said Thursday.

Victory would be Luckner’s “greatest dream”.

Winning the Dirtbike Festival would be “my biggest dream,” the 25-year-old explained. Luckner’s main rivals are Erzberg veterans Graham Jarvis from Great Britain and last year’s winner Manuel Lettenbichler from Germany.

As in the previous year, the world-famous event in Styria is part of the Hard Enduro World Championships, which this time starts in mid-May in Serbia. “We’re in the middle of getting ready,” said Walkner, who is currently privately busy testing motos.

“The toughest driving safety training in the world”

A charity lottery is already being drawn in favor of the “Wings for Life” foundation created by Kinigadner and Red Bull – the prize is a VIP package and exclusive access to Kinigadner and Karl Katoch. Another initiative this year is the Red Bull Driving School, which is aimed at beginners with a category B driver’s license: ten winners receive the world’s “toughest driver safety training” in Erzberg – including drifts, burnouts and “creative pit stops”, such as It is written on the site called.

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