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EU and US announce sanctions against Russia – UN Security Council

President of France Emmanuel Macron Ukraine has called for a special session of the UN Security Council due to the recent escalation of the crisis. In addition, in a statement issued by the lysée Palace on Monday evening, Macron called for “targeted European sanctions” against Moscow. Macron condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine as independent states. It will be “A unilateral violation of Russia’s international obligations and a blow to Ukraine’s sovereignty.” Macron previously discussed the situation with US President Joe Biden and President Olaf Scholes at a conference call.

Federal government spokesman Stephen Hebstreet said in the evening: “All three speakers acknowledge that Russia’s unilateral action is a clear violation of the Minsk Accord.” Germany, France and the United States have strongly condemned the Russian president’s decision. That is stated in the statement. This action will not go unanswered.

The Hebestreit report did not provide any information on possible restrictions. Over the past few weeks, the European Union, Great Britain and the United States have been discussing possible sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine. After Putin’s speech, there were no immediate initial announcements.

“The partners agreed not to give up their commitment to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine,” Hepstreet said in talks between Biden, Macron and Scholes. At the same time, the report said that all efforts would be made to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.

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