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EU expansion at a standstill |

EU expansion at a standstill |

The status of the candidate for Ukraine and Moldova is purely symbolic. For various reasons, the European Union is currently reluctant to accept new members.

Each of the six heads of state and government from the Western Balkans has three minutes to speak at the summit meeting with European Union Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said. “I told him: We don’t need 30 seconds if I deliver. But they didn’t deliver.”

You: These are the European Union countries that, as expected, did not succeed in convincing the collapsed Bulgarian government to veto accession negotiations with North Macedonia. Since the EU only wants to treat North Macedonia as part of a deal with Albania, this veto also applies to Rama. There was also a cold shower on Kosovo’s hopes that the EU would finally implement the completed visa liberalization agreement. The image of a union whose last accession will likely be indefinite – Croatia’s accession in 2013 – is becoming more and more solid. The agreement of the 27 EU leaders to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova does not hide the fact that this policy has reached a dead end: it is a purely symbolic decision, and neither Kyiv nor Chisinau have come close to hypothetical EU membership. .

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