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European Parliament approves climate package in second attempt

The free allocation of carbon dioxide emissions certificates will be completely eliminated between 2027 and 2032. Emissions trading should extend to buildings and transportation.

after this Voting disaster two weeks ago He has it European Parliament On Wednesday he agreed to a position on the controversial points of the climate package. The agreement states that the free certification of carbon dioxide emissions should be completely phased out between 2027 and 2032. Emissions trading will also be expanded to include buildings and transportation. With emissions trading (ETS), some industries have to pay for emissions of climate-damaging gases such as carbon dioxide.

Two weeks ago, the agreement suddenly failed. After the project no longer had sufficient climate protection for many MPs due to various amendments, it was rejected. Last week, MEPs from the Christian, Liberal and Social Democrats approved the new compromise on important climate protection laws, which the Greens also support.

However, projects still have to be coordinated with EU countries. They want to agree on their position next week before the two institutions begin negotiations with each other. Only when a compromise is reached can the project take effect. The European Commission put forward climate protection proposals last summer.

Parliament has also spoken in favor of creating a social climate fund and some kind of carbon dioxide tariff at the EU’s external borders. The Social Climate Fund aims to ease the burden on citizens, as more climate protection is also expected to lead to higher costs for consumers. The goal of the carbon dioxide tariff is to prevent cheaper products made abroad, which are more harmful to the climate, from becoming a problem for EU companies.

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