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Europe's fastest supercomputer is being built

Europe's fastest supercomputer is being built

If you have just started reading this article, then you are definitely using it computer. Either it is laptop Or about one Smartphone or tablet (Read: smartphone or tablet). Because these devices are also mini computers. The new computer currently being built certainly won't be that small.

A supercomputer is currently being built in Germany. It is said to be the fastest computer ever used in Europe. For a computer to run that fast, it also needs to be a certain size. After all, many different parts must be installed in order for a supercomputer to deliver its performance.

Multiple rooms

That's why the computer doesn't just sit in the room. The different parts of the device are located in different rooms. They are connected to each other by cables. Each part of the computer has a different function.

And how fast is this computer really? So fast that we can hardly imagine it. Imagine that you have to solve the calculation 5 + 3 =. How much time do you need to do this? If you're good at math, you might be able to figure this out in a few seconds. But a supercomputer can Compute a trillion such calculations correctly at the same time and in just one second.

An incredible number of bills

Otherwise, only 10 million “normal” computers could calculate that much at the same time. It will take longer than humanity exists. So it would be completely impossible for us.

The supercomputer is scheduled to be completed in November and will be called Jupiter. It is primarily intended to be used for research. Because this device can help, for example, to find out through countless calculations: How will our climate change?.

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Supercomputer: Practice makes perfect

If you use your computer at home, obviously your sister can't use it at the same time. But with a supercomputer you can Many people working at the same time. Some researchers are already doing their best to achieve this goal. They work on small, similar computers, so they'll know their way around when the supercomputer is ready to go!

He learns more

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