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Eva Pinkling III again in Sapporo

After her tenth podium this season, the woman from Vorarlberg is still leading the list: “I’m on a wave at the moment.”

Eva Pinkling She continued her current run at the Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup. Like the previous day in Sapporo, the woman from Vorarlberg finished third and thus already holds the tenth place on the podium. On Sunday, she was beaten by Norway’s Celje Obseth and Slovenian Emma Klimek, who recently finished second. Since her first chaser, Katarina Althaus, landed just behind her, Pinkling has extended the lead to 159 points.

Four-time season winner and Tour winner Sylvester was only 6.4 points short of Obseth in the second Sapporo competition. It was already the sixth place on the indoor podium for Pinkelnig. “Another incredible podium, ten podiums this season, absolutely insane,” said Pinkling. “The wind conditions were different and it was a bit early in the morning for us too. There are still things that could be improved, but I’m just enjoying it, I’m on a wave right now where I can do almost anything I want and it works.” . And I thanked the whole team for a good arrangement.

Upcoming contests at Zao

Coach Harold Rudlauer He was happy too. “Third place again, strong performance again, 10th podium finish after 11 World Cups, great series: one can only congratulate the ease with which you handled it.”

It was the Austrian’s second best on Sunday Kiara Crozier eleventh. to Sarah Marietta Kramer There were no points at all because the World Cup champion was disqualified for breaking the suit rule. Kramer actually finished in eighth place in the first round, but was disqualified after that. “It’s a shame, technically it was a very clean jump,” Rudlauer said.

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Ski jumpers are now moving within Japan to Zao, where three competitions will be held next weekend. In addition to two people, the “super team” competition will be held for the first time: instead of four, at first there will be only two players from each country. This should also give smaller countries an opportunity for more competition. The guys have their first Superteam event in Lake Placid in mid-February.