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Excitement again: Pope Francis considers gossip a “women’s affair”

Excitement again: Pope Francis considers gossip a “women’s affair”

Again statements from Pope Francis in a secret conversation makes headlines in the Italian media: in a meeting with the priests of the Diocese of Rome (Wednesday evening) he said that they should avoid gossip; Gossip is “women's work,” the “Silere Non possum” portal reported (Thursday evening). He also told the priests: “We wear pants, and we have to speak frankly.”

Moreover, in the conclave he admitted for the first time that there were “corruption problems” in the Diocese of Rome, which he heads. When asked, he said he was trying to solve this problem with the Roman auxiliary bishops. He only received relevant information in this regard last week. He added: “This is a problem, we have to talk about it.” Pope According to the report that quoted the participants.

The statements took place in the women's monastery

According to the portal, these statements were issued during the second of three meetings of the Pope with Roman priests on Wednesday evening in a women’s monastery. Another meeting between the Pope and Roman priests is scheduled for June 11.

The “Silere Non possum” portal is well networked among the clergy of the Archdiocese of Rome. For months, Francis has been trying to publicly address the scandals and conflicts in his diocese. At the beginning of April, his deputy to lead the diocese, Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, was transferred to a position in the Vatican that was less important in terms of church policy.

On May 20 he had Pope At a meeting with Italian bishops, he warned that there were too many “oddities” in theological institutes. After these words were leaked to the Italian media, the Vatican issued an official apology, stressing that… Pope I didn't mean to offend anyone. (We were)

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