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Experts solve fireball puzzles

Experts solve fireball puzzles

NSIn the evening sky people watched in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, one expert was convinced it was a ball of fire meteor And no junk space. Several cameras of meteorites have recorded the shell race from the solar system, astronomer Hans-Ulrich Keller of the Planetarium in Stuttgart explained on Friday.

Twitter and Instagram users in Tübingen, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Bad Kreuznach reported Thursday night a lightning-fast body and glowing tail. According to Keeler, it flew over all of Central Europe. Andreas Eberl of the Stuttgart Observatory also owned it SWR He said there was a lot to suggest he was a cosmic being.

It can’t be space junk, Keeler said, because it always flies with the Earth’s rotation, but the projectile moves in the opposite direction. It was probably the size of a football fist. An orb the size of a ball made entirely of iron could weigh 100 kilograms.

amazing case

It was said that the meteor was between 100 and 120 kilometers in height at the time it entered the Earth’s atmosphere and when it lit up. Since his kinetic energy is converted into heat energy, hot air of several thousand degrees accompanies him in his career. The astronomer explained that at an altitude of 20-40 kilometers above the Earth’s surface it exploded. “Such phenomena exist quite often, but the current state is amazing because it was a particularly bright object that was not obscured by clouds.”

Keeler was reminiscent of geological disasters caused by ejecta from space. About 15 million years ago, for example, a small planet caused a giant crater when it fell to Earth, today’s Nördlinger Ries in Bavaria. 65 million years ago, a small planet hit the Gulf of Mexico and 95% of all living things around the world died.

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