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Explain why an unusual swirl has occurred in the sky

Explain why an unusual swirl has occurred in the sky

© Subaru Telescope / Screenshot

One mysterious spiral In the Night Sky caused a stir in Hawaii last week. The strange scene is dated Subaru telescope It was taken, and it ended up on a YouTube video.

The strange phenomenon exists on anyone SpaceX rocket launch attributed. Shortly before the spiral appeared over Hawaii, a Falcon 9 rocket launched into Earth orbit.

Spiral has a simple explanation

The strange scene is also based on a very simple explanation: If the Rocket fuel Water and carbon dioxide are emitted from a cloud into space for a short time.

At suitable combination From the location of the rocket, the sun, and your vantage point on Earth, the rising propulsive cloud is illuminated by the sun, making it visible in the night sky.

Jellyfish created by launching missiles

Similar phenomena were often observed, also caused by Falcon 9 rockets. These cloud formations from rocket launches are also called Space jellyfish (Space jellyfish).

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