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Extreme athlete Meixner set a world cycling record

Extreme athlete Meixner set a world cycling record

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Super-athlete Alexandra Mixner has set a new world record, according to a report on Thursday. The 50-year-old bike traveled 13,333.33 kilometers from August 17 to September 16. She beat American Amanda Coker’s previous record for 30 consecutive days of 12,894.9 km. Meixner completed the stretch on the Danube cycle path between Holenburg near Krems and Triesmauer 36 to 42 times a day.

“Race Across America”

The state press service said Meixner’s daily workload was 444.44 km. According to the broadcast, this was Lower Austria’s fifth world record in the various disciplines of ultratriathlon. Meixner’s greatest 20-year career successes include two entries in the Race Across America and another world record as the fastest woman in the Race Across Australia.

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